• 25/01/2021

Saudi German Hospital Aseer saves a man's life after a heart attack


The Cardiac Catheterization Team at the Saudi German Hospital Aseer, under the supervision of renowned Cardiovascular Consultant, Dr. Muhammad Al-Rajhi, saved the life of a patient whose heart stopped due to acute coronary emboli.

The 35-year-old Arab resident arrived at the hospital on Friday afternoon, suffering from severe chest pain, sweating, and low blood pressure with an accelerated and irregular heartbeat.

The team conducted initial investigations including ECG and cardiac enzymes test that showed the presence of acute myocardial infarction in the posterior coronary artery. The patient was transferred to the catheterization room immediately where a diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization was performed.

The medical team found a large expansion and sagging in the coronary artery, with a large clot; these clots were suctioned out by administering the necessary thrombolytic drugs. After which, the patient was transferred to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

With the recommendation to completely stop smoking, adhere to regular exercise and follow a heart-friendly diet, the patient was discharged from the hospital in good health.