Anorectal Laser Clinics

the Saudi German Hospitals Group is bringing state-of-the-art, minimally invasive Laser technology to the treatment of complex Anorectal conditions.

All Treatments are done on a same-day basis with simple local Anesthesia and mild sedation. 




Hemorrhoids: Several laser methods to cure Hemorrhoids without surgery or with minimal laser surgery

Anal Fissure: No cut, no stiches, immediate relief

Anal Fistula: Laser cure without cutting using propriety Laser method for all types of Anal fistula

Pilonidal cyst: The minimally invasive laser solution with best results and track record

Other Anorectal Conditions: laser solutions for Genital Wart, Incontinence, Skin Tags …



We use Laser in all our treatments, Laser has the three beautiful added advantages:

No bleeding ( it cauterizes blood vessels )

No infections ( It kills 100% of Bacteria and viruses )

No pain ( It cauterizes raw nerve endings so laser wounds have no sensation


For Hemorrhoids: One visit, 10 minutes, simple local anesthesia, and back to work on the same day

For Anal Fissure: We use Our 15-second treatment solution

For Anal Fistula: Use our advanced Laser Fistula Ablation without cutting for the best results

For Pilonidal Cyst: Endolaser Treatment with or without minimal reconstruction

For Anal or Genital Warts: The most effective painless Laser treatment

For Anal Incontinence  Innovative Laser solutions for partial or complete loss of anal muscle control

Others: Anal pain, Itching, Bleeding, Anal Abscess, Thrombosed Hemorrhoids, Skin Tags...etc



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